A Career in Guest Services

This paper is a personal essay exploring guest services careers in the hotel industry.

This paper explains that, since the author was old enough to work, she always loved working with people because she felt it was her duty to tend to their needs whether it was guest services in a hotel or a restaurant. The author points out that most hotels provide extensive training to their employees before they actually put them into the job on themselves; however, for a management position, a person will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and a MBA is needed for an executive management position. The paper stresses that it is very easy to deal with guests as long as they come in with a positive attitude, then you more easily can maintain a positive attitude.

Things tend to be more expensive in luxury hotel; however, you may find things there that wouldn’t normally find in a mid-priced hotel. Personal service is probably the same, however you may find that you have a lot more employees helping you at a luxury hotel. I believe physical attractiveness isn’t comparable. It is up to management on whether or not they take pride in how their hotel looks to their guests. I know I wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel that appears dirty and not well taken care of. Like I said, a business guest is going to want more areas to relax. Also business guests need more access to advanced telecommunications equipment for their business purposes. To tell you the truth the luxury hotels get up to date faster because usually more money is coming in to them.


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